It is not exactly a scoop to assert that John Grisham has a way with words.  He can take a cliché and turn it into something worthy even of becoming a title on this blog !  The “master of the legal thriller”, author of over twenty best-selling novels, used the phrase at the end of his shattering indictment of capital punishment in The Confession.  Even in Texas there are people who need no convincing that it is a crime against humanity, as there are people everywhere who are already convinced that God exists or He doesn’t, or that there is life after death or there isn’t, or that religion is absurd or it isn’t.

This blog, and my book before it, attempts to offer Reflections not for convinced atheists and apostates from religion like its author, nor for convinced non-atheists.  It is, allow me to insist once more, intended for Believers on the Brink, Christians on the Cusp.  No point in preaching to the choir, carting coal to Newcastle or wasting time analyzing religion with atheists who already agree with you, or with non-atheists with whom you will never see eye to eye.

You, dear readers – increasing in age and wisdom and in numbers by the day (I have the stats) – are free to comment as you will.  But the most effective input will be from those who keep in mind the target-readership.  Mind you, if you want to just give vent to your convictions, one way or the other, be my guest.  But comments that resonate with the undecided waverers at that fork in the road will always be the most pertinent.  Believers may convince them to stay on the straight and narrow.  Non-believers, by sharing their insights and personal experience, may encourage them to take the high road to freedom from myth, illusion and the ridiculous rant of religion.