Some readers already have, some would like to but are afraid, others haven’t because they don’t know how.  It’s a bit hard to see, but there in tiny characters below each of my postings is the word commentaires, French that is self-explanatory to English-speakers who know that 60% of our language comes from French/Latin.  Click on commentaires and you’re in business.

But even if you had noticed the invitation, you may still wonder whether you should post a comment (in English or French but not, I’m sorry, in Thai …).  Sure you should, whatever it is that you want to say.  I’m not looking for either laurels or howitzers.  I – and many others – would just like to know what you think about the subject treated.  Go on, as we used to say as kids, I double-dare you !  You can keep it anonymous if you like, so you needn’t fear the Thought-Police.  And if you want to express your disagreement, sock it to me.  There are some readers who will love you for it.  Anyhow, I’m a bit on the maso side, so go ahead !