The Woody Allen movie about a nearly-nominated Nobel Prize self-styled genius and his love affair with a naïve, nubile New Yorker, is, like all his movies, equally liked and disliked.  One of my friends, of the latter persuasion, summed up his opinion by saying ” ‘Whatever Works’  doesn’t.”

I found the title an adequate enough summary of Darwinian evolution.  With tireless perseverance living organisms keep practising hit-and-miss experimentation until a workable solution is found.  It is a pity that non-atheists still see the hand of God (one of those anthropomorphisms that make me smile) in all this.  What I find the most incredible, now that even the Pope has to recognize the reality of evolution, is that God is still credited with launching the whole process and keeping it going.  Surely He could have found a simpler way than the interminable and erratic system that is evolution.