At the time of writing, still in hospital for over two weeks, with two operations behind me and another coming up, I have had time to follow the current fiftieth anniversary celebrations of Martin Luther King’s impromptu speech.  His son, addressing the immense crowd in front of the Washington Monument, had to admit that his father’s dream was not yet a reality.  Will it ever be ?

My own dream, years ago, was that I would make a major if light-hearted contribution to the cause of atheism by gently – and not so gently – ridiculing religion.  I have already put in writing much that I wanted to say, and feel I still have a few ticklers and teasers up my formerly ample Franciscan sleeve.  But I no longer believe in my dream.  Indications are that my time is running out, faster than I thought.  What I have written, I have written, and until my fingers freeze, will write more.  But my book and blog will never constitute a best-seller, though I retain the hope if not the dream that some Believers on the Brink will read my testimony and my Reflections and decide to jettison the blind faith and blind folly which I have tried so hard to expose as the nonsense they are.

                                                                     DELENDA   RELIGIO