There are none.

I don’t know how many times over the last month someone has sold a credulous tourist the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty or the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  But such scams happen, though of course you and I would never be such a sucker.  On the other hand, we would not want to admit even to our closest friends that we did once allow ourselves to be gypped by a conman’s pitch about a get-rich-quick scheme, or, like me, actually make a down-payment on a special deal for made-to-measure shutters for my house that were never delivered nor installed.

One cannot dedicate a whole blog to blind faith-blind folly without recognizing that credulity is alive and well, not only in matters religious, but in everyday secular life.  That advertising gimmick for the “Improve-Your-Golf-Swing” DVD, at a mere $67 rather than the $1750 for individual coaching, is raking in obscene amounts of cash for the fast-talking pro who not only throws in all those freebies but a money-back guarantee as well (good luck !).  And we all fall for the come-on specials at the supermarket and sell our souls, or at least  reveal our buying preferences, by using those fidelity-cards which reward us with refunds of a generous 0.001% of our monthly grocery bill.

Thom has provided us, in his comment on “God Help Us !”, with an extreme example of credulity which convinced me that within religious faith there are indeed no limits to what people are prepared to believe.  It would, however, be hard to beat Belloc.

(It’s October 4, the feast of my patron saint.  Buona festa, Papa Francesco !)

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