Only he could say “Yes, we had an enjoyable time on the French Riverina” and “Barlett’s older than he’s ever been before”.  Australians, at least, will never forget the famous Aussie Rules player and coach and inimitable wordsmith that was Jack Dyer, “Captain Blood”.

Why do readers of this blog (some are still consulting the original version, “Canalblog”, which has been replaced by this one, and to which none of the thirty current additions has been made since August 3, 2013 !) not comment as much as I had hoped ?  Fear of “saying something” ?  Of going on record, even anonymously, of sticking one’s neck out, of daring to compete with Thom ?  Perhaps their silence is an eloquent statement that the blog’s Reflections do not deserve commentary.  That would be the unkindest cut of all.

Commentaries or no commentaries, I will continue to take the risk of saying something.  (This Reflection may be the exception.)

                                                             DELENDA   RELIGIO