The big news on the radio yesterday, October 15, 2013 : Rome is considering reformulating a phrase in the Lord’s Prayer !  The world economy is under threat of a financial tsunami this coming weekend if the U.S. shutdown is not resolved (it will be, and the American debt will be allowed once again to skyrocket).  The turmoil and tragedy in Syria show no signs of ending.  And my rugby team was beaten once again.  Meantime the leaders of the Church have finally begun to examine what they have taught the world to say in the seminal expression of Christian faith and devotion – the “Our Father”.

It’s about time.  It seems no one realized we were being led to believe that God, our Father who art in heaven, would actually lead us into temptation unless we asked Him not to.  The mind boggles.  But how long will it be before the Church examines the rest of the nonsense Jesus is reputed to have taught us to pray, beginning with “Give us this day our daily bread” ?  His Dad never did and He never will, but we, the well-fed, continue to say grace before meals, and people around the world continue to starve.

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