—   wear a burka, a kippa, a scapular ?

—   renounce sexual intercourse for the rest of your life because you wanted to be a Catholic priest ?

—   walk 800 kilometers across Spain to Compostella, or walk seven times around the Kaaba in Mecca ?

—   expect to be cured at Lourdes ?

—   pay priests to say Mass to get your loved ones out of Purgatory ?

—  send Him messages by poking written notes into the Wailing Wall ?

—   touch the TV screen during a televangelist’s sermon so as to be cured of your ailments ?

—   believe those tall stories about the walls of Jericho tumbling down or Jesus raising Lazarus from his tomb or the Prophet ascending into heaven on a horse ?

—   badger Him to start or stop the rain, to give us our daily bread, or to lead us not into temptation ?

—   buy Eternal Life Insurance by leaving your money to the Church ?

Even if He existed, surely He would expect you to be smart enough to realize that you have been conned by crafty clergy.  Even if you are not an atheist, surely it is obvious that a Supreme Being of infinite intelligence and boundless love for His children would not want you to be so silly.  Maybe it’s time to wonder why believers do the strange things they do.  The ten examples listed above suggest that blind faith is indeed blind folly.

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