Some may call this my narcissistic moment, but have you taken a good look at my photo, up there at the top of the page ?  The shades are not a Jack Nicholson affectation, but necessary protection against the Summer sun in the Basque Country.  But it’s not my mug-shot I want to talk about.  Did you notice – and can you identify – what else is in the photo ?  I’ll give you a clue.  The shot was taken in a Basque village cemetery.  And, yes, that is a bat and there are chains holding down the slab covering the tomb.  You guessed it : it’s the grave of a vampire !

Curious, the strange things people believe.  I chose the site for a reason that may not have been obvious, but which you have now cottoned on to.  This blog, after all, is a send-up of religion, of credulity, of superstition.  Vampires belong in science-fiction and horror movies and Hallowe’en decorations, which we do not take seriously.   Unfortunately someone in the Basque Country believed they were for real.  God knows what other nonsense s/he believed in.  S/he must have been been . . . batty.   Or just a particularly superstitious believer.

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