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I know how disappointed you all would be if I let the day pass without at least a few words on this diabolical side of Christianity.  No point in trotting out the pros and cons, in bemoaning the ignorance of trick-or-treaters and of their parents, who do the candy collection with them, about the origin of even the word and why that apostrophe is there, or in complaining about the commercial exploitation of Christian beliefs in a post-Christian society.  (No point, say I, if only beause all you need to know about Hallowe’en is posted below, under “GHOSTS”, September 19.)  Enough to add that the children of the Harry Potter generation believe as little in the Saints fêted tomorrow on the forgotten Feast of All Saints (a.k.a. All Hallows) as they do in the demons invented and baptized by J.K. Rowlings as”Deathly Hallows”.

I don’t mind the little kids knocking on my door, nor even the overaged teens who do the rounds as a lark; they all enjoy the silly, scary outfits and being part of a meaningless annual ritual.  At least it’s more fun than the weekly ritual some of them suffer by being dragged to Mass or Sunday Services by their parents.  Pretty soon they will grow out of both.

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