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Guerrilla warfare is successful because it is based on the strategy of asymmetric assault.  The U.S. and its allies, including Australia, in Vietnam and Irak and Afghanistan found this out at considerable cost to their troops and matériel.  You can’t win against hit-and-run squads of lightly-armed commandos, let alone suicide bombers, and their home-made IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices).  Small is beautiful, and in warfare against the might of massive weaponry, disproportionately effective, ferociously destructive and terribly demoralizing.

I am at war with religion, credulity and superstition.  Even if I were capable of using the sophisticated, intellectual and academic big guns of the great scientists and philosophers, I feel more comfortable and more incisive with the small arms of tongue-in-cheek satire and ridicule.  Only Believers on the Brink can judge how judicious is my choice and how lethal are my chosen weapons.  I may be wrong, but I believe getting people to smile at their own credulity is at least as effective in undermining faith as the most elaborate academic arguments of the atheist intelligentsia.

                                                DELENDA   RELIGIO