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After three years filled with the pain and anguish of  –  and for  –  the four French hostages held in captivity by the terrorists who had kidnapped them , they were finally released this week.  As usual the Government denies paying a ransom.  One of its Ministers did express a nuance, deliberate or not, insisting that no “public” money had been paid, leaving the suspicion that the hostages’ employer had come up alone with the supposed twenty million euros.

Blood money revolts civilized governments and their citizens, some of whom really may refuse the blackmail, while the majority is ready, reluctantly, to accept the risk of encouraging further kidnappings by literally redeeming, buying back, the hostages.

The Redemption by Christ on the cross is the core-belief of Christianity.  Humankind has sinned and justice must be done.  Reparations must be made.  Justice demands that the “debt” be paid.  Some creditor – unidentified – set a hefty price : the excruciating torture and death of God’s own Son, to satisfy him as payment of the debt you and I and the rest of sinful humanity owed for our sins.

It amazes me that believers remain blind to the wretched, despicable absurdity of this belief.  Do they equate “Divine Justice” or God Himself with the monsters who demand to be paid as in terrorists’ transactions that embody the very meaning of “redemption” ?  Blind faith, blind folly !  What sort of a God do they believe in ?

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