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This was the war-cry of the commanding officer before the charge of the British cavalry, swords drawn, in World War 1.  It was just one hundred years ago; 2014 will be the centenary of the beginning of the most ferocious and stupid war of modern history.  And the last that massacred multitudes of horses.

In Great Britain people today still honor the monarch, the grand-daughter of the king who reigned during the Great War.  It is safe to say that proportionately fewer people today believe in God than in 1914.  But it is interesting to note that the chosen sentiment concerning God, on the battlefield and often elsewhere, was that of fear.  Facing probable death, those who were about to die were encouraged to be brave.  Make His Majesty proud of you !  Don’t even think of running away : if you survive, you’ll face the firing-squad.  Either way, God will plunge you into Hell !

What sort of sadists invented such a God ?  Life, not to say war, is difficult enough without having to fear what they imagined and taught others to believe was to follow death.  NOTHING follows death, except decomposition.  Soldiers on the front line, on both sides, were scared out of their wits in face of enemy fire and possible sudden death or, worse, excruciating agony from wounds that would leave them maimed or blind or impotent or all three, without having to fear also the judgement and punishment of an imaginary God.  No atheists in fox-holes ?  The lucky ones were.

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