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I was ready to swear on three bibles that religiosity in the U.S. was on the rise.  Atheists sometimes have doubts, and now I have reason to question my former conviction, not about atheism, so help me God, but about Americans’ belief in the God in Whom they claim to trust.

Just last  week, the U.S. Air Force Academy dropped a phrase that had been tacked on to its honor oath since 1984.  The phrase, “So help me, God !”, sometimes heard in everyday speech, takes on a special solemnity as part of an oath.  Now it is optional, a mark, says the Academy, of “dignity and respect” for atheists.  Miracles never cease.

One can only congratulate the authorities involved, without necessarily thanking God.  Perhaps it’s time to chant a “Te Deum ignoramus”.

P.S.  Your English etymological dictionary will help you, if need be, appreciate what this ignoramus would like to think is an original Latin pun. 

                                         DELENDA   RELIGIO