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History, life and fiction are full of them.  Homer’s The Odyssey, recounting Ulysses’ epic journey home after the fall of Troy, is an example from antiquity.  Voyager 1, traveling non-stop for the last thirty-six years, has recently entered interstellar space, a truly remarkable voyage which has exceeded the wildest expectations of NASA.  Hobbit, An Unexpected Journey, is a current cinematic example of the fantastic adventure Bilbo Baggins never expected to have with the thirteen dwarves on their way to the Lonely Mountain.  And my projected,unexpected, trip to New Zealand (where Hobbit was filmed), at the invitation of an All-Black friend, is a personal example of a voyage I could never have anticipated and one I am sure will be full of surprises.

My Itinerary from Catholicism to Atheism, the subject and sub-title of my book From Illusions to Illumination, continues, in retrospect, to surprise me.  At least it proves that it is possible, though I could never have foreseen it, to break loose from the comfort and security of a safe haven and plunge into the unknown.  I continue to hope that Believers on the Brink will dare to make the journey I have made, though it is one they may presently doubt possible for them.  Once they have stepped off the brink, they’ll be delighted they did.  They’ll be floating on air, as free and as sharp-eyed as an eagle, with a new view of the world, liberated from the blind folly of blind faith.

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