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I must be mellowing.  Instead of the Grumpy Old Man I used to be – until yesterday – I find I am becoming less aggressive.  Not exactly Mister Nice Guy, nor, I hope, a pundit or punster losing his punch, pertinence and perspicacity.  I am unlikely ever to become wise, but I may, with age, be becoming more realistic.

I have always known, and have written here, that my magnificent mantra is misleading and overly optimistic.  Religion will probably never be destroyed.  It should be, because as Hitch insisted it poisons everything,  whence the gerundive I borrowed from Carthage’s nemesis, Cato the Elder : “Delenda Religio”.  The destruction of religion, as opposed to the destiny of the Empire’s arch-enemy, is no doubt an impossible dream, whence the more reasonable, realizable “Ridenda Religio”.  Religion, the Divine Comedy, deserves to be laughed at (you can quote me …).

The occasional blog-browser may miss this announcement and not even notice that the mantra at the end of each post has changed.  I will continue to suggest that while we can say of some subjects “it is no laughing matter”, religion is not one of them .  It is a pity that some people still do not get the joke.  When they do, they will wonder, like me, how they could have been blind for so long.                                                         

                                                           RIDENDA   RELIGIO