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Some readers of my book, “From Illusions to Illumination”, may have thought that I was joking in my Reflection entitled “The Sacred Foreskin”, in the chapter on “Superstitions and Fetishes” (p. 169).  TIME magazine in its February 10, 2014, European edition has a Timeline on “History’s Greatest Stolen Relics” (pp.6-7).  It seems that some bloodthirsty vampire (my words …) recently nicked a vial of the soon-to-be-canonized (April 27) Pope John Paul 2’s blood from a church east of Rome.  Other historic heists have included the relics of Santa Claus in Italy (I kid you not : the remains of Saint Nicholas), the heart of  Saint Laurence O’Toole in Dublin, and, for ecumenical good measure, a piece of the Prophet’s hair in Kashmir, India, and remnants of the Buddha in Cambodia.  I have saved the choicest morsel to cap the list : the reputed foreskin of Jesus has disappeared from the Italian town which housed it.  See ?  I didn’t make it up.  Not to worry, though.  I am organizing  a worldwide novena to Saint Anthony of Padua to help us find the elusive relic of the Christ-child’s mutilation, now lost for the second time.  Good ole Tony restored the foot that guy cut off, remember ?  See my book, page 125.  L O L  — or in Latin  :

                                               RIDENDA   RELIGIO