TIME is submerged every day by Letters to the Editor it cannot possibly publish.  The editors have seen fit, however, over the years, to print several of mine on a variety of subjects.  They rejected my most recent missive, concerning an article written by the editor of “Christianity Today”, a magazine created by the Rev. Billy Graham.  For the record, I am posting it here, not as an expression of sour grapes on my part but as an honest effort to get people to question their opposition to the liberation which is euthanasia :

” Andy Crouch, ( “LOST  IN  THE   VALLEY  OF  DEATH”, TIME, January 20, 2014), reveals an uncanny knack for clouding the issue in exploring his “uncanny valley of the shadow of death”, where artificially prolonged life is “neither death nor life”.  As a Christian editor in the U.S. he hesitates to promote even passive euthanasia.  He refreshingly and rightly rejects efforts to “somehow persuade God to act by our strong faith”, thereby making prayer pointless.  But he fails to realize that “our deaths need be neither lonely nor meaningless”, even without the “promise of faith”.  French television recently screened  the legally assisted suicide in Belgium of a terminally ill patient sharing a final glass of champagne with friends around his deathbed.  Comatose patients of course are, by definition, unconscious and therefore immune to loneliness.  Hoping against hope for them makes little sense; waiting for the recovery of Ariel Sharon from his coma for eight years was absurd.  Better to liberate people from the uncanny valley than lock them to a machine which makes their “life”, indeed, meaningless. ”