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Translated from movie U.S. cop talk, that’s : “We have established an adequate profile for God.”  Though, in fact, He’s sorta hard to describe.  Y’see, He’s got no body, no physical, just metaphysical, features.  Does that surprise you ?  It shouldn’t.  There are all sorts of people, make that spirits, who have no bodies, like the Angels and Devils we read about in the Bible.  He’s an invisble Force, yunno, like the wind.  I’m not saying He’s just hot air, but while you can’t see Him, you know He’s there.  And He’s not just a Force; He has a mind, a really big brain (well, no, I suppose not), and He has lots of power.  He must have, to have been able to make all this stuff, planets and people and such.  And He can communicate, like He did to the Prophets and the guys who wrote the Gospels.  He inspired them, so what they say must be true, right ?  Now you know why I believe in God and why I go to church.

If only this were only a caricature.

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