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The day after Christmas.  Good King Wenceslaus.  The snow of Stephen, deep and crisp and even.  No one sang the carol fifteen years ago in France, and no one, five years later, sang it in Indonesia or Thailand.  We have short memories.  Some of us may remember the date and what we were doing the day the first Kennedy was shot.  But we have forgotten December 26, 1999, and perhaps even December 26, 2004.  The families of the victims of the tornado that killed 91 in France just before the Millennium, and the relatives of the 230,000 who died when the tsunami slammed into several coast-lines in South-East Asia, will never forget those devastating “acts of God”.

No one in his right mind, I hope, takes that expression literally.  I’ll leave non-atheists the pointless problem they have created for themselves as to why they do not blame their “God of love” for slaughtering the innocents as they believe He did in the Deluge at the time of Noah.  The rest of us will always have more serious concerns in dealing with natural disasters than debating the pathetic, mad question of why “God” would let, or make, them happen.

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