“. . . what happened to them”.  Every time a close friend dies, as José did last week, I think of that cliché.  He will never know that he died or even that he lived or that he made Sylvie a widow and their daughter and three sons almost orphans.  He doesn’t know, or care about any of this, and, significantly in this Blog, has no idea that his fervent Catholicism was based on a grand illusion.

If a true believer reads what I have just written, he would be itching to say to me, as would have Blaise Pascal, “Wanna wager ?”  José will never know that he lost his bet.

Believers will continue to think that they and all of us, whether we presently believe it or not, survive death in an after-life.  I’m sure if not sorry we won’t, but at least none of us, atheists and non-atheists alike, will ever be able to gloat that we were right.

                                      RIDENDA   RELIGIO