When you have to stand in a queue waiting for a sales person to answer a simple question about your Internet connection, you fill the time reading the ads all over the store (this is why ads in public transport are so  successful).  One caught my eye : a promise that the “Livebox” they were hawking (for 42,99 euros a month) offered “Unlimited Powers”.  Truth in advertising we know to be more honored in the breach than in the observance, but this was the divinization of an electronic box !

The belief in a God of unlimited powers  is worse than misleading, exaggerated marketing hype.  It  is self-contradictory nonsense.  Non-atheists continue to ignore the killer argument : either your God is omnipotent and unpardonably cruel in not exercising His power, even when people are begging Him on their knees to intervene to avert disaster and the death of innocent children; or He is not omnipotent and therefore not the God you are wasting your time praying to and believing in.  You might as well pray to your “Livebox” or count on Superman to save the children from the tsunami.

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