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“Seek and ye shall find.”  But the Vatican officials, assigned to locating the miracle necessary for the upcoming October 19 beatification of Pope Paul V1, could not believe how lucky they were (or perhaps how powerful was the intervention of St Anthony of Padua, Chief Finder in Heaven’s Lost and Found Department or maybe that of St Jude, Patron of the Last Resort (see my book “From Illusions to Illumination”, pp. 124-127).  Not only has the Congregation for the Cause of the Saints identified as miraculous the recovery of a terminally ill foetus doctors had destined to be aborted, but discovered that his/her/its mother, who refused the abortion, had requested the intercession of the late Pope who in 1968 had officially (and infallibly ?) defended the Church’s stand against abortion.  The right miracle from the right Pope at the right time.  One can foresee exactly how Pope Frank the First will exploit all this at the beatification of the third of his predecessors to be recognized as Saints in the same year.  This will be the papal shot-in-the-arm which traditional theologians and Right-to-Life organizations around the world have been waiting for.

A personal footnote :  Readers may recall the recent revelation of my own Marchinkus connection with Paul V1.  He will not be remembered – except by me – as the Pope who granted my dispensation from the priesthood.  He will be remembered for his encyclical “Humanae Vitae” and its condemnation of abortion and artificial contraception.  I know priests and one deacon whose disappointment and disagreement with the Pope led them to renounce their vows.  Pope Francis will proclaim “Urbi et Orbi” that Heaven itself has made it clear that they and other proponents of Pro-Choice were and are wrong.