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The hundreds of thousands of victims of the Indonesian tsunami, the scores of millions killed in the two World Wars, pale into proverbial insignificance compared with the hecatomb of human history.  Exact figures are not available but ever since people have been born on this planet, they have all died, without exception.  The seven billion alive today will not be much longer, 150 years max.  No one who lived in the 19th century, and all the centuries before, is still living.  As Satch, who was anything but a gigolo, sang: “Life goes on – without them” (and now without him), as it soon will for you and for me.

There were two people, and only two, who, like everybody else, died – but came back to life.  A mother and her son, who lived  2000 years ago in what we now call Israel.  They’re alive still, right now, not anywhere on Earth but somewhere over the rainbow, way up high.  How do we know ?  Well, back then, some people said they saw the Man during forty days between His Resurrection and His Ascension.  Some others tell us that His Mum was herself later assumed into Heaven.  Better still, we too will one day – if we behave – join them in a life that is eternal.  Now off to bed with you.  Tomorrow I will tell you a story about little Red Riding Hood.

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