The question is Lord Carey’s, His Grace the Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury 1991-2002, in an article he wrote in the “Daily Mail”, reported in today’s “The Guardian”, in which he admits that he has “changed his mind” about his Church’s teaching on assisted dying.  He is now “less and less certain of (his) opposition to the right to die”.

When will the Pope and the Catholic Church make such a public confession ?  An eminent rabbi, Dr Jonathan Romain, welcomed this “sweeping away” of “theological dust”.

While we can only applaud the belated enlightenment of blind churchmen leading the blind, it is somewhat pathetic that their opinion on such matters matters.  I used to be one myself, a Franciscan priest-theologian, but am now committed as an atheist to exposing in my Blog the illusions I had and preached forty years ago.

I posted the last two sentences above in today’s “The Guardian”, July 12, 2014 at 8:44 a.m.

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