This is the first time I have ever “reblogged” a post from another blog. This one deserves to be shared with you. As you will see, it is well-written, intelligent and sincere. Its author has become a Follower of ours, and now receives everything posted here. He would perhaps disagree with much of the content and style of blindfaithblindfolly, but his outlook reflects that of many who need something “spiritual” to fill the void created by rejecting religion.

Spirituality Exploration Today

Spiritual or Religious?

 Spiritual or Religious?

Spirituality is in vogue. As Americans use the term “religious,” it is increasingly limited to dogma, ritual and other religious practices, and institutions. Whereas, “spiritual” and “spirituality” are far more inclusive, encompassing all of their lives. Large groups of Americans want to deepen their spirituality, and self-understanding, according to surveys.

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