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I received an e-mail from THOM which he had no intention of sharing with the Blog’s Followers (now 34, readers who have asked to be sent all new posts) and other identified as well as unidentified readers.  But because it was written by Thom, it is by definition worth posting, which cannot be said of certain other comments I receive . . . I have not censored the last word in Thom’s letter, which I, as a mere theologian, would never dare address to an eminent engineer, though I suppose it is acceptable coming from one engineer to another.  If Jim, to whom it is addressed, cares to respond, I will not trash his response (so long as it is of reasonable length) as I have been doing systematically recently.  Here’s what Thom wrote :

“The recent discovery of the fossil remains of a 69-tonne dinosaur (“Dreadnought”) provides the opportunity to throw some  very, very, very small numbers at Jim.  I wonder what he  thinks the odds on such a creature developing from the Big Bang might be.  Almost as infinitesimal as the chance of life itself developing.  But guess what ?  It happened !  Jim might be hard pressed to produce any evidence in support of his thesis that this great creature, bigger than a commercial jet, and now extinct, is part of God’s grand plan.  But what’s the point of arguing with this moron ?”.

What I like about Thom’s insight is the ridiculing of the teleological argument that I have tried so often to demolish.  What possible purpose could there be in creating dinosaurs destined to become extinct, what possible purpose could there be in exoplanets, like Kepler 186 F for example (see my earlier post of August 2, 2014)  – and please don’t tell us we should just accept that “God” had a purpose we cannot understand.  Even if Jim’s Personal First Cause did create the world, it’s pretty hard to accept Christian anthropocentrism, to believe that somehow all this was meant just to have us marvel at the Creator’s infinite power.  The obvious purposelessness of creation is itself an indication that “God”, a Personal, Supreme Intelligence, does not exist in reality but only in the minds of believers.

The Milky Way is situated at the edge of a Supercluster of galaxies recently baptized “Laniakea”, Hawaian for “Immeasurable Heaven”.  And Jim thinks all this was done just to impress us !  Whatever about the word “moron”, “Engineer-Believer” is an . . . oxymoron.

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