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Of course there are other things that can cause your Death besides Decrepitude and Disease. There’s always the possibility of the plane or more probable car crash, or falling off a ladder (at your age !), or getting done in by jihadists who have given the phrase “sticking your neck out” a whole new meaning. Whatever way it happens, it is, unlike so many other things, sure to happen. May as well look at it eyeball to eye-socket. Whether or not we eat, drink and be merry, tomorrow we die. You can bet your life on it.

Actually, I never think much about it, though more and more of my friends remind me of it by “passing away”. I don’t want or need a skull on my desk, like obsessed Saints of yore lest they forget. Que serà, serà. We know not the hour, and I don’t think I’d really want to. I’m not at all scared of it, but would much prefer not to have to face the decrepitude, the disease and the accidents that are the lot of most. A final painless heart or brain seizure during my sleep would be just what the Doctor of Theology (A.B.T.) ordered. I’ve been so lucky during my life that I may stay lucky as it ends. I just hope that no one spoils the fun at the cremation by God-talk. I will have heard and said enough about Him for the last eight decades to deserve, and give everyone else, a break, when the finis coronats the opus.