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Once again we are indebted to THOM, admirer if not avatar of THOMAS MORE, for enriching our Blog with the following post :

The television guide for my evening’s viewing merely stated “Stephen Hawking : The Grand Design”. In this remarkable series the world’s most famous physicist attempts to unravel the truths behind humanity’s most enduring questions. “Oh”, I thought, “not more Stephen Hawking incomprehensible insights !” But I watched it nonetheless.

I don’t profess to understand what Stephen Hawking is really talking about when he says casually that the mathematics of the Universe demand a lot, in fact quite a lot, of negative energy to balance the equations. And then he says that this negative energy is out there in the ever-expanding Universe. So far so good, I thought. I haven’t heard this idea put this way before. The mathematics demand that this negative energy exists. Stephen Hawking is arguably the most brilliant physicist/mathematician alive, or even perhaps who has ever lived.

And then he asked the question each of us has asked who has heard of the Big Bang, which must now be everyman. How could this have come about from nothing ? He digressed briefly into a cause/effect discourse on waterfalls and rain and clouds and the sun and the huge energy factory at the heart of the sun and the subatomic particles at the heart of this heart. And then he casually mentioned Quantum Physics and the fact that subatomic particles briefly appear out of nowhere. And then he raised the “God” hypothesis. This extraordinary man who has been able to do little other than think for most of his life – whose disability has deprived him of almost everything other than the ability to use his towering intelligence – apologized to those viewers who might have religious beliefs. Because he then clearly and unequivocally stated that God was not necessary for the Big Bang. Time did not exist before this extraordinary mind-boggling event.

“So what ?”, I imagine many might say. Stephen Hawking is entitled to his opinion. And yes, that is certainly true. Stephen Hawking has not proved that God does not exist. But there are those who occasionally insist that because this or that eminent scientist believes in God, we should be swayed by this fact. To those who advance this line of argument I merely say that the world’s most eminent physicist/mathematician is quite unequivocal in his statement that God is not necessary for the emergence of the Universe in the Big Bang. We all might profitably ponder the implications of Hawking’s statement.