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The End, ISIS is convinced, is near. According to the “Hadith of the Twelve Successors”, Muhammad said he would have, before the Day of Judgement, only twelve successors. It would appear that history has already seen two-thirds of the promised twelve legitimate caliphs; Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is the eighth. Two other elements will make up the End-Times : the armies of “Rome” will mass to meet the armies of Islam at Dabiq in Northern Syria, and the final showdown, after a period of further Islamic conquest, will occur in Jerusalem. The Syrian city of Dabiq near Aleppo, of which we spoke in an earlier post, will be the scene of Rome’s, our, Waterloo.

ISIS has already occupied Dabiq. “Rome” no doubt includes Turkey, but is, of course, the U.S. and the rest of the West. It’s just a question of time, and four more caliphs. American boots will one day be on the ground (air-strikes just won’t do the job), and the Islamists will break out the bottled sparkling water : the final victory is at hand ! An ecumenical touch : the leader of the final victory in Jerusalem – Armaggedon – will be … Jesus !

Radical Islamics, motivated by their apocalyptic myths, ultimately can’t and won’t win. But countless lives will be lost because of their blindfaith-blind folly. Religion must be destroyed as quickly as possible :