Though I have renounced the priesthood to which I was ordained and belief in the God whose work I thought I was doing, I am not a mafioso, a dangerous criminal or even a dishonest citiizen.  I pay my taxes (whatever that is supposed to prove), I do my best as a father and grandfather (less well back when as a husband) and am a fan of the Red Cross, Green campaigns and the Blues Brothers.  Of course, you have to take my word for all this, but as I said I am not dishonest.

Some believers may accept that I am no worse than most.  But, they say, I must be a very unhappy bloke.  How could I find joy in life believing as I do that you go around only once, that life has no purpose and sure as hell no sequel ?

I can’t prove that I’m happy.  Can you ?  But I am, and especially happy that forty years ago I realized that religion is absurd.  You can continue to believe, if that’s what makes you happy.  As we atheists have said over and over again to believers like you : “You can keep the faith; I don’t need it.”

Happy days, my friends !