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Unlike God, credulity exists. And unlike Him, it is omnipresent. Last Sunday in Waco, Texas, famous for its wacky sect and its mass-killings, nine people were shot and eighteen wounded in a biker gang shoot-out. Police Sergeant Patrick (he’s got to be a Catholic) Swanton, when interviewed as to why even more people were not victims, replied : “It was Sunday and Somebody was lookin’ out for us”. Difficult choice indeed for the Almighty to choose who’s going to get shot and who will go shot and scot-free (which originally meant not liable to taxes). Maybe the lucky ones were carrying Miraculous Medals (which not even Opus Dei would claim will protect you from the I.R.S.).

A Sydney man who once told me that his Marian Medal saved his life in a car accident in Nowra, N.S.W., recently defended in writing the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin by quoting all the scientific “evidence”. This included “intense radiation … consistent with a resurrection event”. Though he did not tell me about the last resurrection he or anyone else witnessed, he left me wondering whether he ever googles livescience.com or whether he spends his time reading Marvel Comics.