Jedis, hoodies and monks : they all wear hoods. For fifteen years, as a Franciscan friar, I wore a capuche, that hood on a habit that goes back to St Francis of Assisi in the thirteenth century. I abandoned the priest-hood and chose a much less secure and far more challenging, lively-hood. I am neither a monk, a hoodie nor a Jedi, and have since traded in my hood for a Basque beret.

The Jedi religion is “Star Wars” fiction become a reality. There are no less than 500,000 Jedis, with their hoods and laser swords, out there. Much earlier in this Blog I speculated on the emergence of the Potterites, a Harry Potter religion (which could have been baptized “Hogwartsism”). I guess there are still wannabe Rons and Harries and Hermiones waving their wands and wishing they could use their broomsticks to play aerial quidditch. But the other cinereligion is providing tough competition. At least neither of the new religions has a God, and they both provide an ingredient sadly lacking in the established religions : they believe in having fun. May the Force be with them.