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The phrase has become part of the language, though few realize they are quoting Ecclesiastes 1:9 when they pronounce the cliché.  I have found that as banal, tired and over-used as the expression is, it does describe a characteristic of theological discourse, pious literature and the weekly torture which is the Sunday homily or sermon.  When was the last time you read or heard anything new or different about the content of faith ?  It is little short of a miracle that people come back for more : the same thing, over and over again.  The only interesting things you read about the Church are the scandals and the wild ideas and freakish behavior of some fanatics – but also all the good stuff you discover in this Blog.  At least I have not been trotting out the predictable, boring things like those you hear from the pulpit.

What, indeed, can the theologian or preacher say about God, the Trinity, Jesus, Mary (and Joseph), the sacraments, especially the Eucharist, which gets more embarrassing the more you hear about it and the “miracles” surrounding it, like Lanciano, the Ascension,  the Assumption and the Last Things, that hasn’t been said before ?  I don’t think you have read elsewhere much of what I put into my posts, or at least the way I have said it, the examples I use, the connection I make with movies, the references, the ridicule, the “angle” I employ.  I don’t expect churchmen to tell me anything I have not heard before.  Which is why I gave up listening to them ages ago.  With my Blog, you never know what I am going to come out with next.  Nor, frankly, do I.  There is so much nonsense in religion that the objects of ridicule are unlimited; their name is Legion.  Watch this space.