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. . .  we  could eliminate war, crime, injustice, disease, hunger, poverty, pollution and … rap “music” ?  We cannot hope to get rid totally of any of these horrors any time soon.  But we have already succeeded in reducing some of them.  We used to say “Wouldn’t it be nice if we could  :

–   put a man on the Moon ?  Been there, done that.

–   save endangered species ?  Some we have, but the alarms are still flashing red.

–   reduce road-kill ?  Thanks to reduced and more strictly controled speed-limits plus     alcohol-tests, we have reduced the massacre in France in recent years by 75%.

And we know we can reduce war, crime, poverty and the rest if we put our minds and money and votes to it.

But there are many challenges, at least in the short term, that we cannot do anything about.  Many cancers are still incurable, many natural catastrophes with devastating effects on life and property remain inevitable, and the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune will continue, for many, to make this world a vale of tears and their lives a living hell.  These are things we are forced to accept.  But some people believe there is Someone who can stop them from happening, or when they happen, can protect them from suffering , misery and death.  They are children, but also grown-up kids who believe, in spite of evidence to the contrary, in a benevolent God.  When He gets rid of rap, He’ll have a convert.