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No, I do not BELIEVE God exists; nor do I BELIEVE He does not. I’m SURE He does not.  You BELIEVE He does, and you can ONLY believe He does.  I KNOW He doesn’t – for two reasons : Bertrand Russell’s “not enough evidence” and “we all die”, which makes people want to believe – irrationally – in God, souls, an after-life and Heaven.  So there is no point in trotting out your “proofs” and trying to explain away the problem of evil.  When you start with the foregone conclusion that God exists, the “proofs” you concoct are evidence only of wishful thinking.  When you tie yourself in knots trying to justify the pain, the hunger, the torture and the death if not the slaughter of innocent children, you refuse to recognize the obvious : your God, if He existed, would be a monster.

You can throw away your books of Theology and Apologetics.  That one paragraph says it all.