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It’s not just Catholics.  Protestants, Orthodox, Jews and Muslims aren’t either.  Of course, very few people do a full review of available religions before making their choice.  Like me, they were born into a family where you had none – at least until, like me, you weighed the religion you had inherited and found it wanting; you opted for another belief-system or, like me, none at all.  I chose freedom rather than faith, I rejected religion in favor of reason, and created this Blog to destroy or at least to ridicule blind faith and blind folly.

There are many good reasons for not wanting to be a Mormon.  Mitt Romney’s candidature for the U.S. Presidency reminded us of one of them : the belief he shared with his fellow-Mormons that when they die they each are given a planet to live on forever (to say nothing about the church’s rules concerning their underwear) !  But the best remains the outrageous absurdity of its supposed origins.  Everyone is familiar with Joseph Smith’s claim to have received from an angel called Moroni the Book of Mormon written on plates of gold, since conveniently lost.  But recently another remarkable reason not to believe this nonsense has come to light : the publication of photos of the stone Smith is supposed to have used – God knows how – to translate the “ancient Egyptian texts” engraved on the famous gold plates 185 years ago.

“Thou art Peter, and on this rock I will build my Church”.  Christians, and even Mormons, all remember the words Jesus (is said to have) said to Peter (“Rocky”), the first Pope, in the one and only pun ever attributed to the Son of God.  Catholics build their exclusive faith on this “proof” that theirs and theirs alone is the “one, true, apostolic Church”.  But Mormons’ equally rock-solid faith is built on a real rock, venerated as the “Translation Stone”, a bit like Harry Potter’s “Resurrection Stone”.  Dialogue between Catholics and Mormons is like talking to a … brick wall.