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“. . . to choose the Jews”.  William Norman Ewer’s famous epigram, which would’ve wowed Wilde, is clever but not anti-semitic.  It did, however, provoke some equally famous defensive reactions :

—  “Not odd of God; Goyim annoy ‘im”.

—  “But not so odd As those who choose A Jewish God Yet spurn the Jews”.

—  “Not odd of God; His Son was one.”

—  “Not odd, you sod ! The Jews chose God.”

God, if He existed, would qualify as an Oddfellow, whether or not He joined a lodge.  But as I have tried to show in the 227 Reflections in my book and throughout this Blog and its 346 posts, believers are just as odd as He is.  A recent example : I heard a sermon preached by a Sydney priest who considers himself a theologian, exhorting the faithful to visit Catholic churches to chat with Jesus in His “Prison of Love” (sic – sick ?), Jesus “transubstantiated” into bread, that “consecrated” wafer locked in the Tabernacle.  The pious priest actually gave the following reason for visiting the Blessed Sacrament : “He’s human.  He values our company.”  I guess he thinks Jesus gets awfully lonely, locked up in there, in solitary confinement, in the dark and all.

People know, of course, that it will be a one-sided chat, as they kneel there looking fervently at the little box on the altar, because the Incarnate Word of God, present under the form of bread, does not speak.  Not a word from the Word.

Believers may not be crazy, but this is pathological behavior that merits this brand-new tribute to Ewer :

“How odd of you, There in the pew, To talk to bread.  Get your head read !”