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—  “The activity of the Medieval Inquisition (established in 1184) contributed greatly to the restoration of order and repression of violence that had plagued Europe for over 200 years.”

—  “The (Spanish) Inquisition, in fact, was perhaps the most just court system before the modern period.”

As it is inevitable that I will be accused of quoting these statements about the suppression of the Cathars and later the victims of the Spanish Inquisition “out of context”, I will give you the full references so that anyone as outraged as I am can consult them in context.  They are both written statements by an Australian Catholic apologist,  ROBERT  HADDAD, founder of Lumen Verum, an outfit that apparently attracts right-wing Catholic fanatics on Friday nights in South-West Sydney, Australia.  The texts are available on the Net under “Lumen Verum”; scroll down to Haddad’s 30-part course in Catholic Apologetics – Index title : “The Inquisitions”.

There is a cherry on this incredible cake : an attempt to practically JUSTIFY the condemnation of Galileo (between the Medieval and Spanish Inquistions : the “Roman Inquisition”) !!  The French would say “On croît rêver !” : “We must be dreaming !”

Don’t take my word for it.  Check it out for yourself.  This monstrosity deserves worldwide publication.  There is no point in my commenting further on this supreme example of blindfaithblindfolly.

D E L E N D A     R E L I G I O    (this is no laughing matter)