Some blogs are read regularly by thousands of people.  This one is read occasionally by thousands of people.  Many, I suspect, stumble on it, read a post or three, and then move on to one of the other numerous competitors out there, and never consult blindfaithblindfolly again.  A small number, I know, are constant readers.  For all of you “silent readers”, as you have been called by a reader who formerly was himself anything but silent, here are today’s overall statistics of this Blog :

Posts  :  351 ;    Views  :  10,656 ;    Visitors  :  3,317 ;   Followers  :  46  (these are readers who have asked to be informed whenever a new item is posted.  I have no way of knowing whether they bother to read them all.)

Daily updates tell me of consultations by new readers, like the one today from Argentina.  Welcome to you and to all who do THOM and myself the honor of taking a moment to share a reflection and perhaps a chuckle with two Rebels with a Cause.