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If you think that He has had His hands (He has none) full for the last 14 billion years since He set off the Big Bang, keeping His eye (idem) on all that’s going on in His gi – gan – tic Universe, you might well ask first what He was doing before that.  Some imagine that He must have been terribly lonely, all alone outside spacetime (not yet created) – which some say is why He created us, to provide a little action.  But Christians know better : the Godhead is a Trinity, not three heads (idem again) but three Persons.  Even then, before TV and video-games and even printing had been invented, all those members of the Divine Family could do was chat.  Married people know the challenge that that can be, after even just a few years let alone a whole eternity …

But to return to the reality we know, the world that has been evolving since the B.B. :  Did He just say “Go !” and the original, incredibly dense speck He had created exploded to give birth to a pre-programed Universe, or did He intervene along the way to make sure everything was hunky-dory and happening according to Hoyle (who also did not yet exist) ?  Reducing cosmic history to a day of 24 hours, it appears that we appeared just before midnight.  Now He really had His work cut out.  Galaxies and supernovas and planets do what they are told.  But He gave us free will and, as He must have foreseen, all Hell broke loose.  The very first bloke He created stepped out of line and we’ve been doing the same ever since.  So He had to punish us by condemning us to death.  At one point He even wiped out the whole race, but saved one family and a whole Ark full of animals.

Some say that He is still keeping busy.  Either He is continuing to punish us with tsunamis, earthquakes, bushfires and floods, or allowing them to happen because He can’t quite manage to control them, or He couldn’t give a damn and is leaving us to fend for ourselves.

One could go on, but all of that is already so silly that there is no point in spelling out the absurdity of believing in such a God.  The craziest thing we ever did was to invent Him – and then believe in our own make-believe !  Atheists have seen through the fairy-tale, but face an uphill battle getting believers to recognize it as childish nonsense.  Some atheists prefer to not even try.  I am a former believer who feels obliged to make up for having spent half of my life not only believing but promoting what I now recognize as blind folly.  I am an atheist with an agenda.