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The final destruction of religion, like the creation of fusion energy, is about thirty years away  –  and always will be !  That pessimism has to be questioned, at least as far as the scientific breakthrough is concerned, if one is to believe the promising current rapid advances in the industrialization of nuclear science.   But while I’m hopeful that our grandchildren will profit from the end of an era involving the use of fossil fuels, pollution and climate change (the head of Princeton Lab says it is “inevitable”), I’m afraid they will still find the world’s religions as alive and as well and as poisonous as ever.  Some believers may soon even credit and thank God for providing us with, in TIME’s cover-phrase (November 2, 2015), “unlimited energy for everyone, forever”.

The Catholic Church continues  to lose influence in many developed countries, but it is thriving in others.  Recent Vatican scandals including the Gregorian University’s Professor of Theology’s coming out as an active homosexual priest, along with others like Ireland’s Tuam nuns’ child-abuse, will rock but never sink the barque of Peter.  “Fluctuat nec mergitur” : like the city of Paris, the Church may be battered by the waves but will not flounder.

We atheists know that we may never win the war against credulity, blind faith and blind folly.  I, in this and other domains as well, have belatedly begun to “settle for less”.  So, have you ever wondered what God does all day ?

RIDENDA   RELIGIO ( “DELENDA”  is a tad too much)