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He was the “mastermind” behind the triple, simultaneous, coordinated attacks in Paris a week ago.  His body was positively identified yesterday as that of one of the terrorists shot dead the day before by the French SWAT team we call “RAID”, in a dilapidated “squat” in St Denis, the suburb just north of Paris, famous for its Basilica and the tombs of the Kings of France, and for the Stade de France – one of the scenes of the Black Friday kamikaze explosions.  Among the repercussions of this major news item is the troublesome, embarrassing revelation of the ease of Abdelhamid Abaaoud’s movements across Europe, from his native Belgium to and from Syria before implementing his plan of mass murder by his team of terrorists.  His diary reveals his self-satisfaction in duping the police checking his (false) passport.  He wrote that “Allah blinded them” !

Abaaoud was born in a Bruxelles suburb and attended the Catholic school there.   He joined Daesh in Syria in 2013 and was recently the subject of laudatory articles in “Dabiq”, Daesh’s official magazine (the name of which recalls the prophesied scene of Islam’s final, apocalyptic conflict with the Infidels).  Photos present him holding in one hand the Koran and in the other the Daesh flag.  He was a star of Daesh, and no doubt now one of its heroes and martyrs, who sacrificed his life for Allah and His Prophet.

“Allah blinded them”.  Yahweh opened the Red Sea for Moses and the Chosen People and drowned their Egyptian pursuers.  Jesus walked on  water.  People who believe stuff like that will believe anything.  God help us !