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The question has become part of the pitch of a Parisian stand-up comedian.  Like the one about Daesh candidates compared with turkeys volunteering to work in a rotisserie.  Some comedians have even been joking with their audiences about the theatre’s emergency exits.  Gruesomely funny, yes.  But above all courageous, both on the part of the comic and his/her audience who all know there could well be armed terrorists in their midst.

Some performers admit they do not dare to joke about the Prophet.  They know that they would be putting not only their career but their life in jeopardy.  One said that he wanted to see his grandchildren grow up.

Let him who is without fear cast the first stone.  And let anyone who has a solution to this problem, a cure for this new Black Plague symbolized by the black flag of Daesh, speak up.  Meantime  we try to laugh but feel like crying.