This is Post number 400.  And you are one of the people who took the trouble of clicking on the site and reading it.  You are one of the 4021 readers who have visited this Blog over the last three years;  I am honored by your interest.  How many visitors are repeat or regular readers I don’t know – a minority I’m sure.  A selection of the 400 posts has been viewed 11,969 times.  Just a handful of readers have bothered to contribute a comment; there have been so far, however, no less than 954 comments.

What countries are you from ?  The top four, consistently from 2013 through 2015, have been, in descending order : Australia, France, the U.S. and the U.K.  These are followed by Canada, Ireland, Singapore, India, Russia, Finland, Germany, Austria and Malaysia.  But there is also a smattering of occasional readers from many other countries, including Hong Kong, Morocco, South Africa, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Egypt and Zambia, as well as, on one famous record-breaking day, several dozens of readers from Poland.

The articles most often consulted :

In 2013  :  “Let There be Light”, “Big Bangs”, ” ‘Vengeance is mine’, saith the Lord”, “An Atheist Scientist Speaks Out”, “Married Priests”, “Ridenda Religio”, “Credulity and Credibility”, “Agnosticism ?  Why Not Atheism ?”.

In 2014  :  “3 D-Day”, “It’s a Long Way …”, “Godology”, “The Western World is Doomed”, ” ‘Habeas Corpus’ “, “Muslims and Catholics : Irreconcilable Cousins in Faith ?”, “A Collection of Comments on Comments”, “Do You Really Believe in the ‘Real Presence’ ?”,

In 2015  :  “Is Islam Our Enemy ?”, “Daesh : Ambitions Without Borders ?”, “Daeshism : What Makes Terrorism Tick”, “Limits”, “Because Mummy/Daddy Told Me”, “Inside the Mind of a Human Bomb”, “Dabiq : The Final Conflict Between Islam and Christianity”, “Charlie’s Country : C’est la France !”

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Thank you for taking the time to reflect with me on the challenge we all face : blindfaithblindfolly.