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Two of the Lannister cousins were talking about the Faith of the Seven, which had replaced that in the Old Gods  :

Lancel  :  “My faith is all the nourishment I need.”

Jaime  :  “Faith is like porridge.  Better with milk and honey.”

—  “A Feast for Gods”, Chapter 30, Jaime IV

Man, indeed, does not live on bread (preferably whole wheat) alone.  Gems of dialogue like this sum up much of what it has taken me 400 posts to say.  But it is the genius Imp, the Dwarf, the Half-Man, Tyrion Lannister, played to perfection by the star of the show, Peter Dinklage, who provides the most precious impertinence of all, this time about priests :

“Give me priests who are fat and corrupt and cynical, the sort who like to sit on soft satin cushions, and diddle little boys.  It’s the ones who believe in gods who make the trouble”.

—  “A Dance with Dragons”, Chapter 27, Tyrion VII

The author, James R.R. Martin, is a self-confessed “lapsed Catholic” but sounds very much like a Believer on the Brink.  I hope he reads this Blog.