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The “Scientific American”, in an article dated August 19, 2009, “The Origin of Hatred”, reports on the “neurological underpinnings of hatred” as studied by London University College’s neurobiologist Semir Zeki.  Scientists are agreed however that it is still too early to draw definitive conclusions.  They will continue to try to identify its cervical sources, but we all know why we hate broccoli, mothers-in-law and people who hurt us.

One major obvious root-cause of hatred is to be found every day in reports of religiously motivated intolerance.  Divorced people, especially celebrities, often claim that in spite of their divorce they remain “close friends”.  Religious people sometimes practise a similar pretense in what they call “ecumenism”.  They KNOW that those other “believers” have got it all wrong but put on a display of mutual tolerance to make us all forget the bloody wars they fought against each other in the not too distant past.  But if Ireland has enjoyed a truce between Catholics and Protestants in recent years, Hindus and Muslims still slaughter each other, Jews and Palestinians idem.  However the most … striking evidence of religiously motivated hatred is to be found in Islam itself.  The present rupture of diplomatic relations between Sunni Saudi Arabia and Shiite Iran highlights a danger that will lead to an increase of regional warfare in the Middle East, if not to another World War.  The execution last week of a Shiite cleric by the Wahhabite regime in Riyadh could well be the spark, like the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand in 1914, of a new worldwide conflagration.  Daesh must be celebrating, as its militants fire shots in the air and toast with mineral water the imminent Armageddon at Dabiq.

When will the world realize that it could self-destruct because some Muslims want their leader to be elected while others say he must be a descendant of the Prophet ?

This week “Charlie Hebdo’s” first anniversary edition of the January 7, 2015 massacre of its brave journalists and cartoonists, who died to defend the freedom of expression, carries a cover portraying God with a kalachnikov on His back, as “the Assassin still on the run”.  His halo is a triangle with the Masonic-Illuminati Luminous Delta – the all-seeing eye of God.  His followers, in every religion, remain guilty of the blindfaithblindfolly that could well kill us all.