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“Love your enemies – it will drive them crazy !”  This clever version of “killing with kindness” was the creation of a witty Australian jurist, a healthily cynical ridiculing of the Gospel injunction.  You can respect your enemies, be merciful to them, even forgive them.  But if either the word “enemy” or the word “love” have any meaning, Jesus’ command was not only unrealistic but absurd and suicidal.  The “Charlie Hebdo” cover of January 6 reminds us that God is a sadist; His followers are expected to be masochists, ideally kamikaze.

Daesh and other terrorists committed to blowing us to bits are our enemies.  We cannot possibly – and naturally do not – love them.  But pious, unthinking Christians continue to mouth the nonsense as though it were the noble thing to do.  What I am saying here they would consider blasphemous.  Like the irresponsible madness of suggesting we should not worry about or provide for tomorrow – which would mean the collapse of the economy and suicidal starvation for ourselves and our children – it is part of a package of supposed ideals for Christian believers.  It is a pity so many people turn off their brains when they read the Gospels.