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The title will be seen as a red rag to a raging bull.  Readers will be screaming “Islamophobia” and calling if not for my head at least for a public burning of my book and my blog, along perhaps with their author.

But bear with me for a moment.  There’s more here than meets the eyeball.  Not all Muslims, to state the self-evident once again, are monsters or terrorists.  They are law-abiding citizens going about their daily business and reciting their prayers, five times daily, facing Mecca.  They wouldn’t hurt a fly, let alone a Jew, a Christian, a fellow-Muslim or even an agnostic or atheist.  They are often themselves victims of Daesh, Al Qaeda or rabid lone wolves who they, as “moderate” Muslims, say, “have nothing to do with Islam” :  the accepted, politically correct distinction between themselves and Islamic terrorists/jihadists.

I suggest we stop using those two last appellations and call them what they are :  Muslim Monsters.  All terrorists, all jihadists today are Islamic, or “Islamist”, to use another distinction which supposedly separates them from the righteous disciples of the Prophet.  Calling them “Muslim Monsters” affirms that they are both Muslim and Monsters.  It is a deliberate way of reminding the world, including non-violent, moderate Muslims, that certain fanatics who share their faith but take the Koran literally, kill and maim and massacre in the name of Allah, their God, the same as that of their “moderate” confreres.

To call the terrorists Muslim Monsters is an admittedly embarrassing wake-up call for their coreligionists.  Their condemnation should be broadcast from the tops of the world’s mosques to invite a reflection on Islam’s urgent obligation to rethink, to reinterpret, to reformulate, to REFORM, their faith.  The rest of us will go on trying to protect ourselves, to destroying militarily and financially the international Muslim mafia, and to trying to get the fanatics and their potential recruits to realize the blindfaithblindfolly of their monstrous maniacal mission.  But the prime responsibility is for their fellow-believers to save themselves and us from a death-dealing, death-cult religion straight out of the Dark Ages.