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Just today, in my small house in a French town close to Paris, I got to wondering again (“wonder” is the right word) about galaxies.  Even in broad daylight I somehow cannot get over the literally incredible vastness of our Universe and the puniness of our beautiful blue Planet.  This was brought on, of course, by the news of the recent discovery of Planet Nine, a giant no one knew about until a few months ago, way beyond Pluto which used to be the ninth planet.  Rather than bother detailing its awesome dimensions and distance from us, I thought I would make it easy for you to reread what I have already written about the fascinating conundrum we call the Cosmos.

If you type just the word “Galaxy” in the Search box at the top of this page, you will find on your screen no less than seven posts where I think out loud about what’s out there, about the unimaginably gigantic, ballooning Universe and about how silly it is to suggest that it is the work of a Divine Creator.  You can read all the posts or you can take your pick :

1   :   November 5, 2015   :   “The Universe :  Where ‘Gigantic’ is an Understatement”

2   :   August 8, 2015   :   “Unwarranted Beliefs and Warranted Unbelief”

3   :   October 26, 2014   :   ” Learning to See  :  The ‘God Consortium’ ”

4   :   August 3, 2014   :   “Let There Be Light !”

5   :   December 28, 2013   :   “It’s a Long Way …”

6   :   December 3, 2013   :   “Where Were the Spectators ?”

7   :   October 17, 2013   :    “Fairyology”

Enjoy the latest “Star Wars” movie.  It is fiction, but the galaxies are not.  Star-gazing is a great cure for myopia.  It helps keep our quotidian concerns in perspective.

What a wonder-full world !